Blog Friends

Blog Friends

You can visualize the continuation rate just by registering RSS

If you register RSS of your blog, you can visualize the continuation rate in heat map format.

Photo by Minh Pham

Embed parts on your site

By pasting the embedding code on any site, you can display the following heat map of activity history on the site.

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Check the number of weeks you have achieved your goal

You can set goals for how many articles to post in a week. It counts how many weeks you have achieved that goal in a row.

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Title Features

Titles will be given according to your efforts. You can check the title on your profile page.

Follow the users you like

You can follow users who also keep writing their blogs. If you follow, you can see the user's new articles on the timeline. If other users do their best to continue, it will be an opportunity for you to continue your blog.

Photo by Minh Pham

Fab someone to encourage each other

You can support someone's continuation of the blog by clicking the likes of the articles displayed on the timeline.

If you have any problems or requests

You can mention @steelydylan on Twitter anytime.

Let's continue blogging together

You can easily visualize the blog continuation rate just by registering RSS!